Introducing Fiscus DAO

Fiscus DAO (FISC) is a currency backed by a treasury of cryptocurrencies created from the revenue of real world assets

What is Fiscus DAO?

Fiscus DAO brings real world assets on-chain in the form of NFTs. Fiscus DAO owns the revenue of these assets, without taking on any debt. Fiscus DAO brings off-chain legacy financial structuring on-chain. Fiscus DAO is not a lending protocol. The revenue from real world assets (think real estate, royalties, and ranches….just to name a few) is stored in the treasury as ETH, OHM, and DAI.


  • Fiscus DAO — a currency with a treasury that owns real world assets and crypto
  • A combination of structured finance and DeFi to create riskless leveraged revenue
  • ‘Revenue-as-a-Service’ is Fiscus DAO’s service to add real world assets/revenue to other protocols
  • Deflationary token (FISC) with all the beautiful lessons we’ve learned since 2009:
Bringing real-world assets and revenue on-chain